New developments from Welsh language podcast service Y Pod to help discover Welsh podcasts.

New developments and features

Y Pod Cyf. is pleased to roll out developments that we’ve been working on over the past few months.

The developments provide an enhanced user experience for Welsh language podcast listeners and are based on user feedback and statistics on user journeys within Y Pod.


The new homepage has been developed with the mobile user in mind as 60% of users are browsing Y Pod on a mobile device or tablet.

The new homepage and site load faster and are easier to navigate across a range of devices.

Areas of the homepage are automated and load the latest podcast episodes.

We’re also in the process of creating a mobile application for the service.

Welsh language podcast service Y Pod

Podcast player

Y Pod has implemented our own bespoke podcast player that has been developed in-house.

We believe that the new player improved playback for users and results in Y Pod becoming the place to listen to podcasts through the medium of Welsh.

Y Pod podcast player


Y Pod is all about discovering Welsh language podcasts and we’ve made it easier than ever for users to discover podcasts through the creation of the discovery area.

Discovering Welsh Language Podcasts


6 categories have been added in order to help users discover podcasts.

The categories were created during our work in creating the Welsh language Alexa SkillWelsh Language Podcasts alongside Mobilise Cloud and S4C.

The Welsh language categories are

  1. Adloniant a Cherddoriaeth (Entertainment and music)
  2. Chwaraeon (Sport)
  3. Crefydd (Religion)
  4. Materion Cyfoes (Current affairs)
  5. Plant (Children)
  6. Sioeau Ffeithiol (Factual shows)


A live search feature has been added in order for users to discover podcasts.

Users are able to search for a podcast by title, subject and also by the host name.

Latest Podcasts

The 10 latest Welsh podcasts are collated and listed on the latest podcasts page.

The page is a useful way of knowing what podcasts are published regularly in the Welsh language.

Latest Welsh Podcasts

Welsh Learners

We’re proud to have collated a selection of podcasts aimed at Welsh learners.

The Welsh Learners podcast category was put together in response to the number of users looking for podcasts for Welsh learners and the search terms used to discover Y Pod.

There has been a large increase in Welsh learners online during 2020.

Podcasts to learn Welsh


Users can now create a list of their favourite Welsh language podcasts using Y Pod.

The favourites feature was added in order for users to bookmark their favourite Welsh language podcast in order to return to listen time and again.

Create a list of your favourite Welsh language podcasts

All Podcasts

Whilst we have categorised and made it easier for users to discover podcasts we continue to believe that user should be able to access a list of all podcasts available in Welsh.

Y Pod is the only podcast service that lists all of the podcasts available in Welsh.

Welsh Language Podcasts in one place


We’ve improved the radio pages and implemented our new player for users to listen to live radio.

Listen to Live Radio through Y Pod


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