Y Pod Cyf. (Ltd) offers a range of training services that include podcast production and podcasting training courses that can help your brand reach and connect with new audiences.

Podcasting and Podcast Production Training

Are you interested in creating a Podcast for your brand?

Contact us to discuss how our experienced digital leaders and producers can help you produce high quality, professional podcasts that can enhance your online brand.

Y Pod Cyf. offers training and support in recordingproducing, and promoting podcasts.

Y Pod cyf.

Our podcast training and podcasting courses are available bilingually and can can be adapted to meet your needs and requirements.

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Podcast Training

Our experienced Podcast ProducerAled Jones, will have all the answers to the questions that you want to ask.

From deciding that you want to create a podcast to the process of publishing, we will support you every step of the way.

We will provide you with podcasting tips and insights and help you build an audience for your podcast.

Our Podcast Courses cover:

+ An Introduction to Podcasts.

Ideas – coming up with the right theme and content for your podcast.

Equipment – the equipment and software that you need to record and edit your podcast.

Advice – Tips and techniques to create the best podcasts.

Editing – An introduction to editing techniques.

Podcast Training Courses

Production – Expert advice on how to improve your production and presentation techniques.

Building an audience – Promoting and marketing your podcast.

Questions – Answering those questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Marketing and growing your brand

Y Pod Cyf. can help you reach new audiences through creating a podcast for your brand.

Reach new listeners and connect with your audience uniquely through a Podcast.

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