Podcast Production and Digital Content Production Company

Podcast Production and Digital Content Production Company

Y Pod Cyf. (Ltd) is a Podcast Production House offering podcast production, digital content creation, branding and training services brought to you by digital consultant Aled Jones.

Podcast Training and Podcasting Courses

Podcast Training and Podcasting Production Courses

Y Pod Cyf. (Ltd) offers podcast production training courses that include podcast production techniques that can help your brand reach and connect with new audiences.

Welsh Language Alexa Skill

World first for Welsh Language Podcasts Alexa skill

This is the first time such technology has ever been developed on the Alexa system, so it’s something S4C, Mobilise Cloud Services, and Y Pod – who provide the content, are very proud of.

Expand and srengthen your online presence through a Podcast

From the initial idea to the recording, production and publishing process Y Pod will support you.

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Discover Welsh Podcasts

Discovering Welsh Language Podcasts

New developments from Welsh language podcast service Y Pod enable users to easily discover Welsh podcasts.

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2020 – The Rise in Welsh Language Podcasting

Developing a Welsh Language Podcast Service

2020 - The Rise in Welsh Language Podcasting. As I begin to roll out new features and developments for Y Pod I thought it would be an opportunity to look back on the development of the service.

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